Making Happy Students of Jesus

Shepherd’s Grove is a church community where we are so excited to do and teach everything that Jesus said. At Shepherd’s Grove we’ve chosen to be a faith community focusing on spiritual formation with God, our relational community with each other, and our missional calling to the world in which we live. We believe that God’s kingdom is flourishing and thriving, growing and bearing fruit.  It is the goal of the church to join God in what he is already doing in the world he created with such love and care.


Every single person has a spirit that is formed. Stalin had a spiritual formation. So did Mother Teresa. All of us are trained, whether intentionally or not, to be the exact people we are. At Shepherd’s Grove, we take seriously what Jesus said. We think he is the smartest person who ever lived and offers, not only the greatest insights into human existence, but also the Holy Spirit with all its power to transform, to train, and to regenerate. We are obsessed with this wonderful gift and choose to live in communion with the Spirit of Jesus for the renovating of our hearts.


Many churches view community as a club. You are welcome when you look a certain way, act a certain way, believe particular things, and so on. You are “welcome” but only as a marginal visitor, not a member of the family – that is of course unless you conform to the culture of these churches. It is not this way at Shepherd’s Grove. We ask that you bring your baggage but leave your masks at the door. There is no need to pretend. Come with your doubts, quirks, in shorts or in a suit and tie – it doesn’t matter. We love you warts and all. All we ask is that you be an active participant and, over a long enough period of time, develop lifelong friendships within this little church community of ours.


We believe in the priesthood of all believers. Though institutional training and affirmation for particular ministries is important, we believe every disciple of Christ is ordained to do kingdom work. We believe that women and children can preach the gospel with authority. Though most Christians will not serve in vocational ministry, we think every believer should be a source of light to the fifteen feet of space around them. Everyday is an opportunity to share the incarnational love of Jesus. We like St. Francis’ reminder to preach the gospel using words when necessary. Also, as an organization we are actively involved with social issues including care for homeless neighbors, battered women, and children in transition.