Announcing Your Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller

Announcing Your Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller


I have some very exciting news to share with you:  The Hour of Power is set to expand!   The ministry leadership has invested the past several months visiting with other religious broadcasting ministries, and benchmarking their best practices.  It quickly became evident that very few 60 minute ministry shows exist because they are quite expensive to film, edit and broadcast as paid programming.  Clearly, 30 minute shows are the norm today – and the wave of the future.


In response to this marketplace reality, The Hour of Power will be launching a new 30 minute program entitled Your Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller.  Think of it as an “express” version of The Hour of Power.  The format of this new show will showcase the sermon from the traditional worship service, with other elements added from time to time, such as an excerpt from the in service interview.

Your Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller will be debuting on KCAL-9 in Los Angeles starting on June 14, 2015 at the following times (all Pacific Standard Time):  6:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 p.m.  All programs will air following our friend and colleague in ministry, Joel Osteen.  The half hour format will be expanded to other markets shortly, with San Francisco and Tampa Bay on the immediate horizon.


There is some sad news to report as well.   The ministry has decided to end its relationship with KTLA in order to free up funds for the KCAL-9 air time. Many of you know that Sunday at 10:00 a.m. on KTLA was Dr. Schuller’s long time spot, but this slot simply did not generate enough viewership to justify the significant cost.  The Hour of Power will air on KTLA for the last time on June 28, 2015.


What about viewers who do not care for the half hour format?  No problem!  The 60 minute televised church service that viewers have come to know and love will continue to air on TBN and the Pop Network.  You do not have to pick one or the other.  Your Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller is available in addition to the current 60 minute Hour of Power.  Please rest assured that this is not the beginning of the end for the 60 minute program.  In other words, this is not the top of a slippery slope.   The Hour of Power will continue to be America’s Television Church, with the finest choir, orchestral music, inspirational interviews, and spoken word.


The Scriptures remind us that we cannot pour new wine into old wineskins and expect them to hold (Mark 2:22).   Doing so would destroy both the wine and the wineskins.  In launching the 30 minute show, the ministry has intentionally decided to pursue new opportunities and markets that would be financially prohibitive for a 60 minute show.  The Shepherd’s Grove Consistory has unanimously voted to endorse this half hour program as a cost effective way to reach the lost and least around the globe, while also retaining the full hour televised church service that is beloved by so many around the world.  The ministry is so grateful for the thousands of generous donors who make this ministry possible.  We remain committed to producing the very best in religious broadcasting, and delivering a world class worship experience directly to your home or mobile device.  Our past has been glorious, but the best is yet to come!

Pastor Russ Jacobson

–Russ Jacobson is the Chief Operating Officer for Crystal Cathedral Ministries, and also serves as the worship pastor for the traditional service.  Russ is a graduate of UCLA, and Fuller Theological Seminary.  He has been married to Deanna for 20 years, and they have three children:  Teyo (13), Lani (11) and Lea (9.5).



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  1. This is great news about having two services to watch. Recently I have discovered that I can no longer get the one hour service on TBN. Just on Saturday nights. East coast time. I always watched Hour Of Power on Sunday mornings. Most of the time Saturday night isn’t convenient to watch. Is the half hour service going to be on the same channel as Joel Osteen on Sunday mornings? For awhile there was a gentleman who would put the Hour Of Power on Facebook on Friday night’s’ I know longer see that either.
    Thank you for all the info. This is wonderful.

    1. Hi Judy,

      I’m sorry to hear it has been more difficult to watch Hour of Power recently. Your Hour of Power will be on Kcal 9 if you are in the Los Angeles area on Sunday mornings at 6:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. pacific time. We will be posting the Hour of Power’s YouTube link on the Hour of Power facebook as well. Or, if you want to make it simpler you could subscribe to the YouTube channel here:

      I hope this answers some of your questions. If you have more, feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer them!


      RL #GLYSDW

  2. So sorry to hear you’re headed in this direction. Yes, I see that your immediate intention is to offer both formats, but I’m wondering how long that will last. We used to watch Joel Osteen’s program until that went to a hafl-hour format. The amazing praise music that used to be part of the appeal of his TV ministry was gone and, with it, the sense that the viewer was part of the worship experience. Not that Joel (and certainly Bobby) aren’t great speakers, but a program offering only the sermon does not give the viewer the feel that they are actually a part of the service. Likewise, James Merritt’s “Touching Lives” delivers an amazing, 30 minute Bible based sermon each week…but nothing else. We see the musical instruments behind him and wonder how they’re used. The 60 minute format is the biggest reason that the Hour of Power has become our televised church service of choice. We feel like we’re actually there and a part of the service. And when we visited Shepherd’s Grove not long ago, we felt right at home because we experience the service, the whole service, each week. We understand the financial pressures you face, as well as your desire to reach the most people possible. But we hope you’ll reconsider your decision lest you “shoot yourself in the foot” just so your TV program can look just like everyone else’s. Your uniqueness is what made you great in the past. I hope you won’t jeopardize that in the future. May God continue to bless your ministry.

    1. Hi Mark,

      We love that you love the 60 minute Hour of Power. I hope we were clear in our blog that it isn’t going away. We are so glad that you feel a part of our church family and even more glad that you were able to visit! Your Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller is all about giving people choices and options. Many people absolutely love the full hour, myself included. Others would like something different. I hope this clarifies things for you a little bit and I hope you say hi to me (I’m the guy in the bow tie in the back of the sanctuary) on your next visit!


      RL #GLYSDW

  3. Thank you for your ministry it helps me to keep focused on Jesus. You Bobby Schuller are the best teacher I have ever heard teach the bible.
    I believe your ministry is anointed and is providing much hope and light in these tumultuous times. With Jesus as our lord we know all is well in him we can trust.
    God Bless You.

    1. Thank you for your prayers and support! I know Bobby appreciates them all! We look forward to this next new adventure in the ministry of Hour of Power and to see how Jesus uses it to further His kingdom! – RL #GLYSDW

  4. I would be very disappointed if the 60 minute service was deleted. I look forward to Saturday night and “my” church. If I have to miss it, I watch it on Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m. Or I can always tape it and watch it later. Bobby is so knowledgeable, I have learned so much from him. His way of teaching makes it a enjoyable lesson.

    1. Hi Shelby,

      I would be disappointed as well! The Hour of Power delivers an absolutely fantastic worship experience that the full hour does such a fantastic job of sharing with the world. As I understand it, this new half hour program is an additional broadcast and not taking a way. It’s all about giving people choices. 🙂 Rest assured, the Hour of Power isn’t going anywhere.


      Robert #GLYSDW

  5. Thank you to everyone for the thoughts regarding the 60 minute program. We have all been blessed by the traditional Hour of Power format. Please know that the ministry is very much aware that a 60 minute televised church service is our niche in the body of Christ. We have absolutely no plans to abandon the 60 minute Hour of Power format. Moving forward with the 30 minute sermon focused format is all about empowering our viewers with choices – not about taking them away. Please rest assured that there is no need to be concerned.

  6. Finally find a program I can relate to and you ar going away.
    Is Chanel 9 so much cheaper? A half hour program will not be as satisfying.
    Too bad.

    1. Hi Maggie,

      You will be able to continue watching the full hour program on both TBN and also POP TV! There is information on to help you find those if you need. You can also watch them on our youtube page. I hope this is helpful! So glad you can relate to the Hour of Power and be a part of our extended church family!


      RL #GLYSDW

  7. I love to hear the Hour of Power on Saterday at 6 PM on TBN and I go to Shepherd Grove on Sunday morning. I learn so must from you. I love the repeat. It reinforced your sermon. It’s a pleasure to hear it again. I hope it will never change.

    1. That’s a great way to do it Liana! And if you want to watch throughout the week, you could also re-watch the full Hour of Power on our YouTube channel! Thank you for your continued support and prayers! See you on Sunday!


      RL #GLYSDW

    1. Currently the 30 minute version will be starting in the local LA market on KCAL 9 and then at some point expanding to San Francisco and Tampa Bay being on the the horizon with more markets potentially being added in the future. – RL #GLYSDW

  8. I just watched your TV program, I used to watch your grandpa many years ago. I’m doing chemo treatments and getting ready to do my sixth treatment. But I felt so bad this morning I turned Charles Standley, then you came on. Thank you after listening to you I feel a bit better. I’m 73 years old and fighting this terrible illness, I had surgery on Feb. 29, colon cancer and started chemo on April 1, 2015. God willing I will beat this. Please keep me in your prayers. Also my niece Blanca Richardson is also fighting cancer please keep her in your prayers.

    1. God bless you Virginia!

      I pray that God puts His loving arms around you and gives you peace and comfort as you fight this cancer. I pray that He does His will in your life and is glorified as His plan continues to be revealed in your life. I pray that he also is with your niece Blanca and that she also knows the love and power of Jesus. Amen.

      – RL #GLYSDW

  9. For last three weeks reruns of hour of power services have been on TBN ON Saturday night. Why are the current services not being broadcast ?

    1. There is a brief taping break in August. New services are again being recorded and should be coming to TBN in the next few weeks Jean! – Robert #GLYSDW

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