Happy Birthday Pastor Bobby!

Happy Birthday Pastor Bobby Schuller!

Please join us in wishing our pastor, Bobby Schuller, a very happy birthday! Please share your birthday wishes below in the comments section.

Happy Birthday Bobby Schuller!

– All of your Friends and Family at Shepherd’s Grove & Hour of Power!

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  1. happy birthday pastor bob! I attended walk with Jesus in Israel 2007 with your family. I remember you as a pony tail young man. My husband and I are strong supporters of your new ministry in shepherds grove. I am reading your book happiness according to Jesus. I just finished the chapter on divorce. It saddens me to read you feel you do not fit into either family. You and Hannah are now setting relations and memories for your children. Release your burden of your parents and take time to realize you are a child of God. Make your own memories of holidays so your children will cherish those memories. Continue your spiritual journey your grandfather would be humbled to hear and see you doing God’s work and sharing the words of Jesus. God bless, Linda Lenhart of Coopersburg, PA

  2. I wish you a very, very Happy Birthday and many, many more. I wish you’d always wear your Grandfather’s Robe when you preach. It looks beautiful on you, and I know that it would please your Grandfather. You’re carrying on his Legacy. GOD Bless You.

  3. Donibg a great job on the Hour of Power. Granfather would be proud,

    Happy Happy Birthday and many more.

  4. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Bobby! You have been the inspiration my life’s needed this past year. I loved your Grandpa and you have done him proud in the way you are taking over the ministry. You are new, fresh and I know will be attracting a whole new following. My husband passed very young this past year and It’s been difficult taking care of everything I have to. I’ve recently become a partner with you knowing that I will be blessed through all of my giving. You’ve taught me a lot this year. I have to say, after I watch a service, you leave me feeling really good, inspired and peaceful. What power you have! Keep on going! Happy Birthday Wishes to you! xo

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! I just celebrated mine on July 20; I am now 71. Enjoy the years ahead! We all love you and wish you the very best, now and in all your birthdays to come. One of these days, when your grandchildren come over to celebrate with you, think back on this day and remember it fondly!

  6. Happy Birthday Bobby and lots of Blessings for you and your family.
    We look forward to meet you in September with Hour of Power in Holland!

  7. I hope you have a wonderful day spent with family and friends. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!

  8. Dear Bobby! I pray your special day is made so special in that you come to know the LOVE of Christ in a New and profound way! He has been guiding your life to this very moment, where He has revealed HIs love for you, and that He brought you to this world to come to Know and Love and Serve Him!! I know you have a special calling in your life to be his ambassador!! I pray that today will be a special day of reflection and blessings! I pray it will be a time for you to really stop and think about all that the Lord has done in your life, and that you will see His hand on your heart always!! I pray as you celebrate with family and friends, that the family you love will surround you, keep you close, and pull you closer to Jesus’ heart!! I thank you for your wonderful ministry of joy and reconciliation! You have been given a great gift as a communicator and as one who knows the Lord very intimately!! I pray today continue to mark your journey with Him into the next year and beyond!! Peace and joy in the Lord always!! Your friend, Vincent

  9. Many blessings to you and yours!! Happy special day!! Thank you for all you do for others!! Your smile makes me smile!!

  10. we love the atmosphere at Shepherds Grove especially with you & Hannah together – May God continue to give you wisdom & strength & HIS LOVE – it really shines! Love & Blessings – Jane XXX

  11. Happy Birthday from your many friends at the Hazel Wright Organ Society Facebook page, We love the photo of Hazel and comment on your facebook page.

  12. May today be a very, very special time of blessings from family and loved ones. Happy Birthday Bobby, God bless you….

  13. Wish you a memorable n very happy birthday this year to celebrate 34! Faith, Hope, Love surrounding you n your family always.

  14. Happy Birthday. Thank you for making our Sunday Mornings uplifting. Keep up the great work. We love seeing your wife join you. God Bless.

  15. Happy Birthday, Pastor Bobby! Hope you have many, many more! Keep up the good work! We enjoy all your sermons, they are both informative and interesting! May God Bless you and your lovely family!

  16. A belated Happy Birthday Bobby Schuller!
    Now I really know why I like you….,
    We share the same- almost birthday. Me. July 27. No year to give!!!
    Blessings to you and your sweet family.

    June Buongiorno

  17. There are 8 (father)2(son)7 (wife) times love be mentioned in our Holy Bible. I wish you happy birthday and John 12:27 ,15:12 as gift in gracious. i Hope the revert as “John Rogers”.

  18. Happy Birthday beloved Pastoor. I wish you everything that is good, nice and fine for you and your family.
    Keep on preaching as you are doing. Love you.
    Greetings, Fides Elmzoon.

  19. Happy Birthday Pastoor Bobby.
    I wish you alll the best.
    Keep on preaching as you are doing.
    Greetings, Fides Elmzoon

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