Live, Love, and Lift Yourself and Others

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Pastor Bobby Schuller continues his series on faith called “The Ten Commandments” with the message “Live, Love, and Lift Yourself and Others” at Shepherd’s Grove on October 2, 2016.

Do you know the Ten Commandments? How about which comes first? In this new series, Bobby guides us in taking a good, hard look at each of the Commandments, and at what they mean for us today.

This week, Bobby speaks on the Sixth Commandment:

Thou shalt not murder

One Comment on “Live, Love, and Lift Yourself and Others”

  1. Your words, Pastor Bobby, particularly as you spoke of Victor Frankel not holding anger to the whole rest of the German race, as he had lost his family in a concentration camp, was powerful; a “balm to my heart and mind”. Yes, as Frankel said “I am not angry at all Germans as there are only 2 races of people, Decent and Indecent and all nations have both”. I had always said, I never wanted to go to….., because of the atrocities and discrimination and death there. I wrongly was generalizing and not recognizing that good and bad times have occurred in all countries and, of course, there are good positive people in all countries everywhere! Thank you for reminding me and making me feel now, I can and need to go to those places and not assume that passed atrocities are reasons to honour the “hurt” by not traveling there. Really, seeing their wonderful places and meeting their good people would be the honour any persons killed or harmed would wish.


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