Handel’s Messiah coming to Shepherd’s Grove

This upcoming Friday, April 14, all are invited to attend a wonderful evening of music and celebration, as the Hour of Power Choir and Orchestra performs the latter movements of Handel’s Messiah, led by world-renowned Handel scholar, conductor Don Neuen.

Considered by many to be one of the preeminent scholars on the works of Handel, Neuen’s directorship in this performance will be a celebration of decades leading the Hour of Power’s choral excellence. His well-deserved retirement following this concert means that this will be an exceptional and uncommon opportunity to see and hear Handel in the hands of an expert.

Messiah features many wonderful solos, and the wide talent of our celebrated choir will be on full display. Rarer still, to have such skill freely available to enjoy is worth bringing your friends and family!

The concert will begin at 7:30 pm in the sanctuary, with doors opening shortly before. This concert is non-ticketed and will be open to everyone (attendees will be given the opportunity to make a love offering if they so wish). We are expecting a very full house, and seating will be first come, first serve. Please call 714-971-4000 with any questions you may have.

Top 4 Reasons to Attend at 8:00 am

Here at Shepherd’s Grove, we are big fans of Sunday. It is the beginning of our week, and the perfect time to realign and motivate ourselves for the days to come.

Recently, we have had the joyous problem of an overflowing Traditional service at 9:25 am, and have launched an 8:00 am service to accommodate the blessing of growing attendance. This is a fantastic opportunity for both church members and newcomers alike, as our new timeslot has a few unique advantages. So, as our invitation to join us for the earlier time of worship, here are a few great reasons to consider the move!

  1. Beat the Crowd

First and foremost, this service is to alleviate the overcrowding caused by having only one Traditional service. If you’ve been with us on any recent Sunday, you know how difficult it can be to secure a seat in the pews. Again, this is an absolutely wonderful difficulty to have, as it means our message of love and dignity is touching people in our community, and compelling them to join us. We rejoice in God’s power to impact lives through our work!

Join us for the same, quality worship you've come to love!

Join us for the same, quality worship you’ve come to love!

By coming to our 8:00 am service, you will have the advantage of a more unhurried selection of seats. We want our congregation to feel comfortable in our church, as we attempt to be hospitable in God’s home.

  1. Enjoy your Sunday

As Bobby has often said, having a day to relax and enjoy is essential for spiritual health. SO often, our hurried lives can lead to stress and anxiety about what is happening and what is to come. Your Sunday should be a chance to decompress, and to experience life as God has called us to.

Consider our 8:00 am a chance to get a head start on your Sunday. Come, be filled with and inspired by the sermon, music, and church life, and go out with more time left in your day for that which brings you happiness!

Of course, church is not just something to be “gotten over with” every week, but rather to be the staring point to a Christ-centered life. The Christian week may begin with church, but it does not end with the doxology. Go out, and be rejuvenated with more Sunday to enjoy.

  1. Welcome Newcomers

One of the greatest joys in our faith is welcoming new attendees to our church, and helping them to become a part of our family. Our church is wonderful at

All your favorites, including the world-renowned Hour of Power Choir, will be there!

All your favorites, including the world-renowned Hour of Power Choir, will be there!

bringing in new people, as evidenced by our growing numbers!

Many things go in to whether a church feels welcoming to a new person or family, and we want to make every effort to put our new friends at ease. Numerous church analysts report that a key negative in a welcoming church environment is if a church service feels either too empty, or too full.

When a service reaches over 80% capacity, it can be unwelcoming to first-timers, making it feel like there isn’t a place left for them. When sparsely attended, a service can feel undesirable. Our goal as a church family should be to make these new friends feel as welcomed and loved as possible, no matter when they choose to attend.

So, we are asking those able to make the switch to our 8:00 am service to do so, as we continue to celebrate our growth, and not give reason for it to stop. This is our church home, and like any good hosts, we want to accommodate our guests to the best of our ability. By coming earlier, you are helping to show your love to our new attendees at that hour with a richer environment, and opening up space for others at 9:25 am.

  1. Support the Team

In order to bring the same level of quality performance and fellowship to our 8:00 am service, all of us – from the choir and orchestra, to the staff and volunteers – have committed to getting up even earlier (many arriving at 6 am or before!) to serve our congregation with the best of our ability. We are dedicated to

Our staff and volunteers will be there, and we'd love to have you as well!

Our staff and volunteers will be there, and we’d love to have you as well!

making the very best church opportunities for our congregants and community, and have worked diligently to make this 8:00 am service a reality.

At our earlier time, you’ll get the same caliber of excellence in worship you’ve come to expect from us, with all the heart and support we can give. We love our church, and we are willing to do what we can to help that love grow. We invite you to join us in this effort.


We are so blessed to have a ministry that reaches so many, from our growing number of folks in person here at Shepherd’s Grove, to our burgeoning audiences around the world through the Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller program. Our foundation of support lies in you, our wonderful congregation. You carry the message of love and dignity out with you from our services every Sunday, and we are grateful for the light you share with us all.

Bobby Schuller plays Pokemon Go and recognizes it is bringing new people to church.

How Pokémon is Bringing People to Church

Bobby Schuller plays Pokemon Go and recognizes it is bringing new people to church. In the coming weeks, you may notice some rather odd behavior on our church campus. Both familiar and unfamiliar faces, wandering around seemingly at random in front of our sanctuary, staring intently at their smartphones, held up as though they are taking a picture.

Don’t worry. They’re not crazy. They’re just playing Pokemon GO.

Bobby Schuller, who has taken up the game himself, had this to say:

“I really like this game, because it’s family friendly and has gamers getting off the couch and out hiking.”
This is a unique and wonderful opportunity for us as a Church to show how everyone belongs by welcoming these folks on to our campus. The game itself uses a mapping system, highlighting places of interest in the real world to visit for in-game rewards. Shepherd’s Grove was chosen as one of these places of interest, and it has already begun to draw people to our church!

“We always want to be a church at the center of the community in Orange County,” said Bobby, when asked about our church’s connection to the game, “We’d love to see people hanging out on our lobby playing Pokemon Go!”

So, if you are here with us at the church, and you see someone walking with phone in-hand, be sure to point him or her in the right direction!

For those of you who are playing Pokemon GO, we invite you to join us in the foyer immediately following the first service (around 10:45 am) at our Pokéstop to take advantage of a Lure Module that will be place there. Happy training!

Pokemon Go Players Visit Shepherd's Grove

Pokemon Go Players Visit Shepherd’s Grove


This post was written by Cameron Jackson, the Digital Influence Specialist for Shepherd’s Grove/Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller. 

Shepherd's Grove Children's Ministries - Sprouts

Sprouts Launches New Lesson Series!

Kingdom tales jrThere have been some exciting new changes for Sprouts this fall. First off, there is now a dedicated 0-2 year old attentive care nursery. There is also a new pre-k experience for children that are 3-5 years old. Both of these offerings meet in the courtyard of the church offices adjacent to the Sanctuary. The pre-k class has just begun to learn about the Full Armor of God utilizing a special new multi-media curriculum that has been designed just for them. This is something that won’t want to be missed if you have a pre-k child!

Berry Blast Theme ParkFor kindergarteners up through those in 5th grade, there is now a new meeting place. It is found in the “West 4” classroom wing. The new meeting place includes a new pre-session room full of fun games and activities to be enjoyed. There is also a new theater room for lesson programs along with break-out rooms for application of the Bible lessons. For these age groups the lesson series is “Berry Blast Theme Park!” Bring your grade school aged students to come and enjoy the thrills of learning about God’s Fruit of the Spirit!

If you would like more information about Shepherd’s Grove children’s ministries, Sprouts, please contact Geoff Madison & Kari Moeller 714-971-4062.

Shepherd's Grove Children's Ministries - Sprouts

Shepherd’s Grove Children’s Ministries – Sprouts

Bobby Schuller on The 700 Club

Bobby Schuller shares about Happiness According to Jesus on The 700 Club

Bobby Schuller on The 700 Club

Bobby Schuller on The 700 Club

Today Bobby Schuller appeared on The 700 Club to share about his book Happiness According to Jesus. The interview covered a wide range of topics ranging from the legacy of Robert H. Schuller to the happiness discovered within Christians Bobby Schuller visited in Nepal.

Based on the Sermon on the Mount, Schuller hopes that his book will help people be present with God and also with loved ones… and find happiness.

Watch this interview, hosted by Terry Meeuwsen, and gain some insight into Bobby Schuller and his new book Happiness According to Jesus. 

Bobby Schuller Helps You Find Happiness Through Jesus

“Hour of Power” host Pastor Bobby Schuller shares how you can experience real happiness in his latest book, Happiness According to Jesus.

Happiness According to Jesus is now available for purchase. Visit for more details.

What did you think of Bobby’s interview?

About the Book:

Bobby Schuller has experienced enough loss and family struggle in his thirty-three years to understand that being blessed is not about glory, money, or fame. It’s about so much more.

Drawn from Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount, Schuller explores ten contemporary truths about what it means to live a blessed life.

He asks:

·      If God loves me, why won’t he answer my prayers?

·      Is it wrong to be materially blessed?

·      What does it mean to be “poor in spirit”?

·      How can I find fulfillment whatever the circumstances?

No matter how long we have been following him, Jesus wants to meld our hearts to his so we view life as he does. As Schuller writes, Jesus didn’t come to bring a new law. He came to make us a new creation.

About Bobby Schuller:

Born in 1981, Bobby Schuller is a Christian pastor, writer, and televangelist. He is the grandson of Robert H. Schuller, founder of the Crystal Cathedral. Bobby now hosts the Hour of Power television program and is senior pastor of Shepherd’s Grove Church in Garden Grove, California, the congregation formerly known as the Crystal Cathedral. Schuller is also president of the St. Patrick Project, a social services outreach in Orange County.

Robert Laird is the Social Media Coordinator for Shepherds Grove and the Hour of Power. For the last 11 years, he has been working with social and digital media and loves to create friendships utilizing social media. He also has a background in youth and music ministry. If you see him in the back of Shepherd’s Grove with his bow tie on, make sure and say hi! He’d love to meet you!




Yahweh Shammah: I am There. I will never leave you

Pastor Bobby Schuller continues his series “I Am” with the message “Yahweh Shammah: I am There. I will never leave you” at Shepherd’s Grove on Sunday May 14, 2017.

In this message, Bobby reminds us that when we suffer, we do not need to suffer alone. No matter what you do, there is nothing you could have done that could outrun the love and grace of God. Stress, as well, does not need to be dealt with alone. Rather, stress is better when it is shared with your loved ones, who know you deserve love and patience. We are encouraged to have a positive view on stress so that we may develop heightened awareness, a greater appreciation for life, and a closer relationship with God.

Yahweh Shalom: I am the Lord Your Peace.

Pastor Chad Blake continues the series “I Am” with the message “Yahweh Shalom: I am the Lord Your Peace” at Shepherd’s Grove on Sunday May 7, 2017.

In this message, Pastor Chad uses his own experience of searching for a sign from God as he was placed on the path to becoming a pastor. The term “Shalom” suggests wholeness, security, and peace. Shalom is the absence of war. Shalom is finding peace and tranquility within ourselves so that we may be able to call attention to God’s signs when they appear, however subtle. May we encounter Shalom through every step we make, so that we may put God’s character on display.

Yahweh Yireh: I am your Provider: You will have what you need.

Pastor Bobby Schuller continues his series “I Am” with the message “Yahweh Yireh: I am your Provider: You will have what you need” at Shepherd’s Grove on Sunday April 30, 2017.

God will provide.

This week, Bobby encourages you to think even bigger, pray even bigger, because God wants your life to be full of blessings. In today’s society, the common desire for instant gratification is training us to be out of sync with God’s world. However, it is crucial to remember that God is going to bless you so that you can be a blessing to others. His delays are NOT his denials — your miracle is waiting.

Bobby Schuller - Shepherd's Grove Podcast

Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday, April 9, 2017, Pastor Bobby focuses his message on courage. Being a human being requires an extraordinary amount of courage, and all it takes for you to conquer your fears is one small step. The will to make that one single step in the direction whatever you are afraid of is purely living a life for God. Bobby encourages us not to allow fear to dictate our lives, because fear cannot take away the one thing that all of us have: choice.

Bobby Schuller

You’ll Find What You’re Looking For

Pastor Bobby Schuller continues his series entitled “Hope in Your Winter” on the second Sunday of Advent with the message “You’ll Find What You’re Looking For” at Shepherd’s Grove on December 4, 2016.

Advent is a season of waiting, expectation, and desire. Many of the desires God has given you are good. In this message, Bobby stresses that if you want something, and it doesn’t go against anything the Bible says, then God probably wants it for you too. He encourages us to remind ourselves, “don’t lose hope; don’t give up,” because “He who seeks finds, he who knocks the door will be opened.”


Bobby Schuller

Anything is Possible in the Kingdom of God

Pastor Bobby Schuller begins his series entitled “Hope in Your Winter” on the first Sunday of Advent with the message “Anything is Possible in the Kingdom of God” at Shepherd’s Grove on November 27, 2016.

In this series, Bobby strays away from a dark standpoint on the Christmas season and focuses on the unlimited possibilities that are offered to us during this time. He reminds us that, while we may be faced with suffering, we must respond to seemingly impossible situations with faith. Winter is the season for starting over, and good things are always coming.

Bobby Schuller

The Kingdom of God is a Party – Tony Campolo

Tony Campolo is an accomplished speaker and theologian, and has had the ear of everyone from students to presidents over his storied career. It was a joy to have him with us at Shepherd’s Grove on November 20, 2016.

In this message, Tony speaks on the joy that God’s kingdom can bring in his message “The Kingdom of God is a Party”

Moving From Scarcity to Sufficiency

Pastor Bobby Schuller concludes his series on faith called “The Ten Commandments” with the message “How to be Respected; Be True” at Shepherd’s Grove on November 6, 2016.

Do you know the Ten Commandments? How about which comes first? In this new series, Bobby guides us in taking a good, hard look at each of the Commandments, and at what they mean for us today.

This week, Bobby speaks on the Tenth Commandment:

You shall not covet

The Pride of Earner-ship and Ownership

Pastor Bobby Schuller continues his series on faith called “The Ten Commandments” with the message “The Pride of Earner-ship and Ownership: Experience It and Enjoy It” at Shepherd’s Grove on October 23, 2016.

Do you know the Ten Commandments? How about which comes first? In this new series, Bobby guides us in taking a good, hard look at each of the Commandments, and at what they mean for us today.

This week, Bobby speaks on the Eighth Commandment:

Thou shalt not steal