Amber Brings Shepherds Grove Outreach to Africa

We are proud to announce the return of our telecommunication staff member, Amber, from her enlightening mission experience in Kenya, Africa. This January, Amber answered God’s calling to spread his word in Africa for 3 weeks. We had the chance to sit down with Amber upon her return so that we could extract the ingrained memories of her cultural and spiritual life-changing experience.

Amber’s Calling

When she was merely 14 years old, Amber recalls God placing Africa within her heart. With this awareness, she continuously told herself “I am going to Africa,” manifesting her own reality that was put into action by the pieces that were laid out for her. At 19 years old, Amber regularly attended a life group on Sundays at Shepherd’s Grove, where she told the pastor that she had a heart for Africa. Her plans were put into place when the pastor told Amber that he met a girl whose parents are pastors who own an orphanage and widow center in Kenya. By placing the girls into communication with one another, Amber was offered the opportunity to visit this amazing family. It didn’t take long for Amber to agree to this transformational mission that she had been manifesting for 3 years. 6 months later, with the unwavering support of everyone at Shepherd’s Grove, she made her first step into the embodiment of her mission.

The Arrival

After a lengthy flight to Nairobi, Kenya, and a 7-hour bus ride to Migori, Amber arrived and was greeted by an immense amount of love. From there, she was welcomed into the home of 2 pastors with warm, open hearts, who were elated to share their space. Amber spent most of her time in Migori working with the orphans and widows, offering them love, laughter, and the word of God. “They watch the Hour of Power every Sunday, in their little home on a tiny TV” Amber says in shock, repeatedly. “They were so thankful that they had a visitor, but they were even more thankful that this visitor came from Hour of Power.”


The Lifestyle

What surprised Amber the most about the atmosphere was that, despite their poor quality of life, for people who have nothing, they want to give you everything. Upon entering each house, Amber was showered with kindness and food offerings, to a nearly overwhelming point. “They love you and they don’t even know you,” she reminisces. “They don’t look at your appearance. All they know is that this person is sent by God.”

The Culture

The most spectacular element of the Migori culture that Amber wishes she could share with us is the way that they worship. She describes the way that they sing and dance to show their love and gratitude as incredibly free. “I wish people could see that! It would give us a fire. They don’t care what people think about them.” She was fascinated to know the impact that Hour of Power has on their daily lives, and how grateful they are to be alive in God’s love.

Amber’s Perspective

Having known that Africa had been placed in her heart at an early age, Amber’s perspective strengthened even more after returning from her journey. “God can use anyone” Amber reassures us, beaming with honesty and nostalgia. “It doesn’t matter what nation you’re from, what language you speak, where you’re at—everyone needs God’s love.”

As the impact of the love and hospitality Amber experienced throughout her journey  weighs freshly on her heart and mind, it is evident that this will not be her last trip to Africa. We are confident that she will continue to spread the word of God and Hour of Power’s mission of love and dignity all over the world, wherever her heart takes her. God loves you Amber, and so do we.

Top 4 Reasons to Attend at 8:00 am

Here at Shepherd’s Grove, we are big fans of Sunday. It is the beginning of our week, and the perfect time to realign and motivate ourselves for the days to come.

Recently, we have had the joyous problem of an overflowing Traditional service at 9:25 am, and have launched an 8:00 am service to accommodate the blessing of growing attendance. This is a fantastic opportunity for both church members and newcomers alike, as our new timeslot has a few unique advantages. So, as our invitation to join us for the earlier time of worship, here are a few great reasons to consider the move!

  1. Beat the Crowd

First and foremost, this service is to alleviate the overcrowding caused by having only one Traditional service. If you’ve been with us on any recent Sunday, you know how difficult it can be to secure a seat in the pews. Again, this is an absolutely wonderful difficulty to have, as it means our message of love and dignity is touching people in our community, and compelling them to join us. We rejoice in God’s power to impact lives through our work!

Join us for the same, quality worship you've come to love!

Join us for the same, quality worship you’ve come to love!

By coming to our 8:00 am service, you will have the advantage of a more unhurried selection of seats. We want our congregation to feel comfortable in our church, as we attempt to be hospitable in God’s home.

  1. Enjoy your Sunday

As Bobby has often said, having a day to relax and enjoy is essential for spiritual health. SO often, our hurried lives can lead to stress and anxiety about what is happening and what is to come. Your Sunday should be a chance to decompress, and to experience life as God has called us to.

Consider our 8:00 am a chance to get a head start on your Sunday. Come, be filled with and inspired by the sermon, music, and church life, and go out with more time left in your day for that which brings you happiness!

Of course, church is not just something to be “gotten over with” every week, but rather to be the staring point to a Christ-centered life. The Christian week may begin with church, but it does not end with the doxology. Go out, and be rejuvenated with more Sunday to enjoy.

  1. Welcome Newcomers

One of the greatest joys in our faith is welcoming new attendees to our church, and helping them to become a part of our family. Our church is wonderful at

All your favorites, including the world-renowned Hour of Power Choir, will be there!

All your favorites, including the world-renowned Hour of Power Choir, will be there!

bringing in new people, as evidenced by our growing numbers!

Many things go in to whether a church feels welcoming to a new person or family, and we want to make every effort to put our new friends at ease. Numerous church analysts report that a key negative in a welcoming church environment is if a church service feels either too empty, or too full.

When a service reaches over 80% capacity, it can be unwelcoming to first-timers, making it feel like there isn’t a place left for them. When sparsely attended, a service can feel undesirable. Our goal as a church family should be to make these new friends feel as welcomed and loved as possible, no matter when they choose to attend.

So, we are asking those able to make the switch to our 8:00 am service to do so, as we continue to celebrate our growth, and not give reason for it to stop. This is our church home, and like any good hosts, we want to accommodate our guests to the best of our ability. By coming earlier, you are helping to show your love to our new attendees at that hour with a richer environment, and opening up space for others at 9:25 am.

  1. Support the Team

In order to bring the same level of quality performance and fellowship to our 8:00 am service, all of us – from the choir and orchestra, to the staff and volunteers – have committed to getting up even earlier (many arriving at 6 am or before!) to serve our congregation with the best of our ability. We are dedicated to

Our staff and volunteers will be there, and we'd love to have you as well!

Our staff and volunteers will be there, and we’d love to have you as well!

making the very best church opportunities for our congregants and community, and have worked diligently to make this 8:00 am service a reality.

At our earlier time, you’ll get the same caliber of excellence in worship you’ve come to expect from us, with all the heart and support we can give. We love our church, and we are willing to do what we can to help that love grow. We invite you to join us in this effort.


We are so blessed to have a ministry that reaches so many, from our growing number of folks in person here at Shepherd’s Grove, to our burgeoning audiences around the world through the Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller program. Our foundation of support lies in you, our wonderful congregation. You carry the message of love and dignity out with you from our services every Sunday, and we are grateful for the light you share with us all.

5 Reasons You Should Go to “O Holy Night”


Shepherd’s Grove is preparing for the Christmas season!

Christmas is just about to get in to full-swing, and we here at Shepherd’s Grove want to help you get the season going with a truly dazzling show! On December 3, our sanctuary will be filled with the sounds of Christmas as we present our “O Holy Night” Concert. This is shaping up to be a wonderfully special evening, and we want you to be a part of it. Here’s 5 quick reasons you won’t want to miss this show.

1. Amazing artists

We are overjoyed to have some exceptionally gifted artists performing on our stage, from powerhouse performers well-known to “The Voice” fans, to skilled entertainers of operatic and theatrical renown.

2. Watch it before the rest of the world

It’s no secret that the Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller has a global reach, and this concert will be no exception. A recording of this performance will be shared with our friends around the world, in places like the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Germany to name a few. Come take in the joy of the season, and know the performances you’re watching live will soon be enjoyed by people all around the globe!

3. Take a moment to breathe

Let’s face it; this time of year can get a bit hectic. By attending our performance, you are setting aside time to simply take in the wonder and enchantment around this time of year. As Bobby often says, even Jesus set aside time to rest, and so should you.

4. A white Christmas… in SoCal?!

Most of us here in Southern California enjoy the warm weather year-round, and are more than happy to avoid the harshness other areas of the world face in the winter months. Still, there’s something magical about a light snowfall that can warm you in ways a California climate cannot. We want to make sure you get to experience such an iconic Christmas moment, so make sure you’re prepared for a flurry or two while attending!

5. The gift of an experience

The truth is, you’re going to be putting your money towards many physical things this December, which are sure to bring joy, but nothing can beat a shared experience among friends and family. Those memories will last much longer, and are far more priceless.

Moreover, by attending our concert, you will be supporting a community ministry with a global reach, sharing the message of Love and Dignity year-round.



We truly hope to have you with us on December 3, but know that seating is limited. If you would like to attend, you can purchase your tickets HERE, or by calling 866-GET-HOPE(438-4673).


“Wish of a Lifetime” Fulfills Dream of Visiting Shepherd’s Grove


Photo courtesy of Danielle Penn Photography

Here at Shepherd’s Grove, we are so blessed to share in a community not only here in Southern California, but across the world through Hour of of Power with Bobby Schuller. For many, our music, worship and messages play an important role in their spiritual walk, and it is an honor and a privilege to hear how this ministry has touched them. That’s why we were so excited to meet Ruth.



Photo courtesy of Danielle Penn Photography

Ruth Birman and her husband of 56 years have been avid viewers of our weekly program for decades, watching Bobby and his grandfather from Longwood, Florida. They had always planned to come and visit us, but Ruth’s husband passed away earlier this year before that dream could become a reality. Still wanting to make the trip herself, Ruth made her way to California.



Photo courtesy of Danielle Penn Photography

When Wish of a Lifetime, a wish-granting organization, and Brookdale Senior Living heard Ruth’s story, they arranged for Ruth and her daughter, Sarah, to travel across the country and share in a service with us. On October 23, we were incredibly honored to meet Ruth in person!

The two stopped by our green room before service, where they met with Bobby and Hannah. The spry and jubilant 86-year-old had both of the Schullers in fits of laughter, and they were touched to hear about the role their church has played in her and her late husband’s lives. After a quick tour “behind the scenes” of the program, Ruth was escorted to her reserved seat in the front of the sanctuary, where she received a standing ovation from our congregation, honoring her and her husband as dedicated members of our church family.

God loves you Ruth, and so do we.


Photo courtesy of Danielle Penn Photography

NEW on the YouVersion Bible App: “Stability in a Fragile World”

Now on the popular YouVersion Bible app, you will find Bible Study Plans based on recent message series that I have presented at Shepherd’s Grove and on Hour of Power.

YouVersion1440My first seven-day reading plan is available now. My hope is that this reading plan offers you practical steps to finding “Stability in a Fragile World.” You may be experiencing a tough season as you carry a big burden, be it financial, physical, relational, or spiritual. In the midst of all of these trials that are the suffering of life, God is faithful to carry us through. Through this reading plan, I invite you to spend just a few minutes a day reflecting on His faithfulness.

I hope you’ll also look for more plans to come in the months ahead. It’s my hope that these reading plans provides you with a sense of hope and encouragement, and that you are reminded each day you read that God loves you just as you are. I truly believe that time spent in His word and His presence refreshes and restores us more than anything else.

The YouVersion Bible app, available for download at, provides a free Bible on your phone, tablet, or computer that brings God’s Word into your daily life. The plans offer a simple way to read the Bible every day, just a little at a time.


A Simple Guide to Walking on Water

By Pastor Bobby Schuller

Do you trust God? I mean, do you really trust God? If you’re like me, learning to trust and rely on God in a deep way is a constant process. This July, I invite you to join us as we explore what it looks like to truly walk in faith with our new series, “A Simple Guide to Walking on Water.”

walking on water_insta quote EXAMPLE

Together, we will learn how to trust God in a deeper and more assured way as we step out in faith into the world around us. I hope you’ll join!

Here are some highlights of what we’ll be covering each week:

July 3: Trust not Clarity
(Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-12, 17-19)

God doesn’t give us clarity. He gives us faith (trust). The weirdest thing about walking by faith is we don’t know where we are walking.

July 10: God is for You
(Luke 13:10-17)

Religious people may be against us, but God is for us. John 10:10b says, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

July 17: Risk
(Matthew 14:25-32)

We can do everything God has called us to do. We should dream to do bigger things so that God gets the glory. We, the disciples, are supposed to do everything the rabbi does, and he has called us because he believes we are good enough.

July 24: Endurance
(James 1:2-4, Philippians 1:6)

Faith is about patience. Don’t quit because God will finish what he’s started in us. This sermon will focus on the story of Hagar, and how Abraham and Sarah tried to rush the process with God.

July 31: Words of Faith
(James 2-4, 9-12)

If we want succeed in life, we must succeed first in our words. Our world has made words cheap, so the less we speak the more people will listen to us. The more we listen, the more people will be willing to take our advice.

August 7: Vulnerability
(2 Corinthians 12:7b-10)

Being vulnerable is an act of faith that makes God strong in our weakness.

August 14: From Pride to Humility
Pastor Chad will preach the seventh message in this series about faith, trust, pride, and humility.

Bobby Schuller

An Open Letter to All 2016 Presidential Candidates

Bobby Schullerfrom Bobby Schuller

In less than a year, our nation will have a new leader. The new President of the United States will be sworn in, vowing to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” to the best of their ability. Since President Washington, this vow has been made with one hand on a Bible — a symbol of trust in God held by our nation’s leaders.

As we continue into the primary season, I have been reflecting on the level of stress, conviction and pressure that you, our 2016 presidential candidates, must be feeling. I also recognize that this is a time to turn to God, trust Him and ask Him for strength.  

Just like my grandfather, I recognize the commonality between all candidates — God loves you all. And, so do we. Regardless of political affiliation, stances on economic or social issues, religious beliefs, or any other divisive characteristic, I invite you to Shepherd’s Grove and the Hour of Power for a time of prayer and conversation. We would love to cover you and your campaign in prayer, asking God to work through you, give you strength and comfort, and show you love during this busy time.   

If you would like to visit Shepherd’s Grove for prayer, or if you would like to arrange an on-air interview on Hour of Power, please contact our press relations team at (714) 971-4034.

May God bless you!

Bobby Schuller

Daniel Rodriguez - O Holy Night - Season of Rejoice

“O Holy Night” Welcomes Season of Rejoice at Shepherd’s Grove

Daniel Rodriguez - O Holy Night - Season of RejoiceBeautiful music filled the sanctuary this past Saturday, November 21, as nearly 800 people across two performances celebrated the birth of Jesus and welcomed the Christmas season at Shepherd’s Grove during the second bi-annual “O Holy Night.” The evening featured 16 songs performed by a stunning orchestra, the angelic Hour of Power Choir and spectacular soloists Daniel Rodriguez, Marla Kavanaugh, Mandie Pinto, Dorothy Benham, Diane Freeman-Reynolds, Logan Watts, Casey Zemen, Frank Snip, Michael Skidgel and Karina Nuvo.  

The night also featured Scripture readings from the Christmas story by Pastors Bobby Schuller, Chad Blake, Russ Jacobson and Glenn DeMaster. A glorious narration of Jesus’ powerful life, followed by a choral rendition of “Joy to the World” brought the evening to a glorious conclusion.   

“O Holy Night” also served as the launch of Season of Rejoice, a six-week-long annual holiday event that features entertainment for the whole family, as well as traditional and contemporary Advent services featuring inspirational messages from Bobby Schuller.

For more information on Season of Rejoice, visit

O Holy Night

Hour of Power and Bobby Schuller Expanded Viewing Options

Hour of Power and Bobby Schuller Expand Viewing Options

The 60-minute Hour of Power televised church service that viewers have come to know and love continues to air Saturdays on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Networkand Sundays on NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) Network, and on both Saturday and Sunday on The Church Channel. The Hour of Power will continue to be America’s Television Church with the finest choir, orchestral music, music guests, inspirational interviews, and spoken word.

The half-hour Bobby Schuller is now available in addition to the current 60-minute Hour of Power, Sundaymornings on TBN and other outlets. And soon a national half-hour will be added. A precious donor has sponsored a half-hour with Bobby Schuller on the ABC Family Channel on Sundays at 6 a.m. beginning November 1! We pray this new blessing will touch the hearts of even more families with the word of God.

For a full list of viewing options available, please go to

The full Hour of Power can also be viewed on YouTube each week here.

Voices of Hope - Hour of Power Children's Choir

“Voices of Hope” Children’s Choir Auditions at Shepherd’s Grove September 27!

Voices of Hope - Hour of Power Children's Choir

Voices of Hope – Hour of Power Children’s Choir

Today we are excited to announce that the Hour of Power is starting a Children’s Choir. Voices of Hope will be a professional group of 4th – 8th grade students that will be sharing the message of hope through music both locally and also internationally through the Hour of Power 

Voices of Hope will be directed by Sarah Grandpre with a parent informational meeting will be held on September 27th at 1:00 pm followed by auditions. These will take place in the sanctuary at Shepherd’s Grove. Additional auditions will be available by appointment through the month of October.

Voices of Hope Announcement

“Voices of Hope” is a professional youth choral program, offering musical excellence and performance experience in a safe and supportive Christian environment. The vision of this Hour of Power Children’s Choir is to awaken a love of music in our youngest generations, and to share the message of hope with our local, national, and international communities through the Hour of Power television program and various concert venues. The choir is open to 4th – 8th grade children in the Orange County area.

Auditions: We are looking for children with innate senses of musicality, who enjoy working as a team, and LOVE to SING! A parent informational meeting and auditions will be held Sunday, September 27, 2015 in the sanctuary at 1 pm. Additional auditions will be available by appointment during the month of October.

Rehearsals: Begin Thursday, October 1, 2015, from 5:15 – 6:30 pm and will continue on Thursdays throughout the year.

For more information, contact VOH Choir Director Sarah Grandpre at

About Voices of Hope

Mission Statement:

We believe in the power of music to touch the soul, break through barriers, heal the hurting, and transform lives through the person and work of Jesus Christ. We believe in a loving, compassionate God, and we aim to be living reflections of His light to the world around us. Our vision is to awaken a love of music in our youngest generations, and to share the message of hope with our local, national, and international communities through the Hour of Power television program and various concert venues. The goal of our program is to make music that edifies the soul, glorifies God, and proclaims the beauty and truth of His presence. We seek to educate young people in the art of collaborative singing and performing, and to teach them to embrace their unique God-given abilities. We aim to enrich children’s lives through artistic excellence, and to develop their personal and spiritual growth, self-confidence, and musical experience in a safe and supportive Christian environment.

Our Program:

Auditions: This is a professional group and we do require potential members to audition: this allows us to assess abilities and readiness for involvement in this group. We are looking for children with good senses of pitch, pleasant tones, the ability to imitate rhythms, and cooperative spirits. We are not only looking for soloists or children with experience, although those skills are highly useful in a performance setting. The ideal chorister is a child with innate musical sensibility, who works well in a team, and LOVES to SING!

Weekly Rehearsals: Members of the choir are required to attend one weekly rehearsal, on Thursdays from 5:15 – 6:30 pm. These rehearsals will include vocal and choral technique, emphasizing tone, diction, and expression. This group highly stresses teamwork. Sheet music and practice vocal tracks will be provided and members will learn part-singing and sight-singing techniques. Members are expected to have music prepared before rehearsal.

Members of the choir are strongly suggested to attend one weekly musicianship class, on Thursdays from 4:30 – 5:10 pm. This class is open to everyone in the choir. Our music curriculum includes vocal technique, rhythm and ear training, sight singing, and music appreciation. Individual vocal training with the director will also be scheduled during this time.

Performing: ‘Voices of Hope’ will be expected to perform on major holidays for the internationally televised Hour of Power. These holidays include a Christmas Concert, Christmas Eve, and Easter Sunday. The choir will also be performing at several venues in Orange County, TBD, in the spring season. There will be a final concert at the end of the season. All dates are detailed in the choir calendar.

Touring: It is our goal to travel locally, nationally, and eventually internationally with this group. The tour will serve as a highly motivating reward for the choristers’ hard work throughout the season, and will give us the opportunity to share our music with our local, national, and international communities. Tours will be planned well in advance, and we will fundraise to offset the cost of travel.

Fees: This is a non-profit choral program, and we are not asking for tuition. We will require a materials fee, which provides sheet music and folders for members. Choristers will also be responsible for purchasing their own choir uniforms for performances. The cost will vary season to season, but it is our goal to keep total cost under $150 per chorister. Scholarships will be available for those with financial need.

Parent/Chorister Contract: When a child is selected for our program, we will expect the parent and the new member to fully read through the choir contract and sign and return by our first rehearsal. The contract details rules, behavior guidelines, and commitment requirements for both parents and members. Parents and members will also be asked to sign liability and copyright waivers for the television program.

Rules: Members are expected to handle themselves professionally in and out of the rehearsal. Members will be expected to be respectful of the director, of each other, and of the rehearsal space. Members will be expected to attend regularly and arrive to rehearsal and performance call times promptly. Members will be expected to follow dress code guidelines for performances. A thorough description of the rules will be provided in the Parent/Chorister Contract.

Location: All rehearsals will be held at Shepherd’s Grove church, 12921 Lewis St, Garden Grove, CA 92840.

Performance locations will be announced.

Contact Information: Sarah Grandpre is the director of ‘Voices of Hope.’ Please contact her at



Bobby Schuller - Shepherd's Grove Podcast

Yahweh Bore: I am your Creator. You are my sons and daughters.

Pastor Bobby Schuller begins his new series “I Am” with the message “Yahweh Bore: I am your Creator. You are my sons and daughters” at Shepherd’s Grove on Sunday April 23, 2017.

In this message, Bobby inspires us to find our life’s purpose within the expansive purpose of the world. The enemy of finding our purpose is shame–we mustn’t lose sight of our loving intention to co-create with one another, and with God. Let us not overthink our purpose, but rather go forth with faith and love.

Bobby Schuller - Shepherd's Grove Podcast


He is risen! On Sunday, April 16, 2017, Pastor Bobby and our congregation rejoiced in the wonders of bringing things back to life by faith. Easter is the anchor of hope for every believer, and on Easter of all days, we are called to abandon our fear of death. We are reminded of how much joy has been made available to us, since heaven has opened. You belong, you have a family, come home.

Bobby Schuller - Shepherd's Grove Podcast

Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday, April 9, 2017, Pastor Bobby focuses his message on courage. Being a human being requires an extraordinary amount of courage, and all it takes for you to conquer your fears is one small step. The will to make that one single step in the direction whatever you are afraid of is purely living a life for God. Bobby encourages us not to allow fear to dictate our lives, because fear cannot take away the one thing that all of us have: choice.

Chapter 13: Your Secret Life Matters Most

Pastor Bobby Schuller continues his series “The Narrow Road: How To Be Alive” with the message “Your Secret Life Matters Most” at Shepherd’s Grove on Sunday March 26, 2017.

In this message, Bobby advises us to manifest vulnerability as a quiet, dignified strength. Within this theme, Bobby also differentiates humility and shame, to encourage us not to confuse one for the other. There is tremendous strength in being rooted in humility and being at peace with your imperfections. You have value. So make a commitment to abandon your shame and be vulnerable with your life.

Chapter 12: Gratitude and Joy

Pastor Bobby Schuller continues his series “The Narrow Road: How To Be Alive” with the message “Gratitude and Joy” at Shepherd’s Grove on Sunday March 19, 2017.

In this message, Bobby reminds us that a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. By viewing each hurdle and obstacle as a blessing, you will be able to look at your life in an entirely new light. Rather than looking upon your past with regret, learn to accept each decision as a part of what makes you strengthened in the present. Because the more grateful you are, the better the future you’re preparing for yourself.

Chapter 11: Sufficiency and Generosity

Pastor Bobby Schuller continues his series “The Narrow Road: How To Be Alive” with the message “Sufficiency and Generosity” at Shepherd’s Grove on Sunday March 12, 2017.

This week, Bobby encourages us to be generous. Generosity practiced in faith can cause anyone to feel wealthy. Do you need an opportunity in life? Transcend your problems and help others succeed. When following God, wealth is not simply defined by monetary gains. Rather it can be measured by wisdom, knowledge, character, and benevolence. Give something away to someone in need, so that you can hear the Lord say to you, “come follow me.”

Chapter 10: Don’t Worry-It Will Be Okay

Pastor Bobby Schuller continues his series “The Narrow Road: How To Be Alive” with the message “Don’t Worry-It Will Be Okay” at Shepherd’s Grove on Sunday March 5, 2017.

It’s easy to become swept up in the anxieties of our every day, but Bobby reminds us this week to slow down, let our anxieties go, and give them to God. Training your eyes to see what’s good, and not dwelling on the negative things that may happen can be tricky. But simply by walking in the strength of faith, anything is possible. Life is too beautiful to worry about the little things. Let go, trust, and live in the easy rhythms of grace. That is a good life.

Chapter 9: Let Your Yes Be Yes, and Your No, No

Pastor Bobby Schuller continues his series “The Narrow Road: How To Be Alive” with the message “Let Your Yes Be Yes, and Your No, No” at Shepherd’s Grove on Sunday February 26, 2017.

In this message, Bobby accentuates the importance of honesty and vulnerability by explaining the power of the words “yes” and “no”. As human beings, it is not realistic for us to say yes to everything. By saying yes when you mean no, and no when you mean yes, you are lying to yourself and those around you. The reason we lie is because we’re not at peace with the truth. Even if it hurts people, in the long run, the truth is always the best choice. For you, and for God.

Chapter 8: Be the Real You, You Don’t Have to Prove Anything

Pastor Bobby Schuller continues his series “The Narrow Road: How To Be Alive” with the message “Be the Real You, You Don’t Have to Prove Anything” at Shepherd’s Grove on Sunday February 19, 2017.

This week Bobby reassures us that, whatever we do, when we do something out of love rather than fear, it will be blessed by God. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and open might be difficult, but by doing so out of love, nothing but joy will result from such actions. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not simply because you’re craving acceptance. The most honest acceptance stems from being your true, whole self. You are loved!