Shepherd’s Grove Comes to Hillsong Channel June 1


At Shepherd’s Grove, we are a community of happy and whole students of Jesus who seek to bring God’s love and dignity to the entire world, and we do this through the weekly-televised Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller. So, we’re incredibly excited to share that beginning June 1, our services now will be televised every day on Hillsong Channel! Formerly The Church Channel, this new network will feature:
  • On Saturdays and Sundays, an abbreviated half-hour version of Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller with music, interview guest, and a shorter message.
  • On Mondays through Fridays, a half-hour Bobby Schuller, featuring continuous full series of our pastor’s messages.
For times and locations to view these and all other programs with Bobby Schuller, call 866-GET-HOPE (438-4673).​ Watch full episodes of Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller here.

7 Comments on “Shepherd’s Grove Comes to Hillsong Channel June 1”

  1. Good news, indeed! Next best thing to sitting in a pew at Shepherd’s Grove – we’ll be tuning in!

  2. That will be awesome. I watch him on I will have to see if I get this channel. He is doing such a great ministry at Shepherds Grove A church is not the building, it’s the people. I hope the whole service is still on the channel I watch.

  3. I am saddened to hear that it’s a shorter msg! I love Bobby’s sermons. I would rather cut the interview and have the regular length msg. Just my opinion

  4. What a breath of fresh air…and so very powerful as well. Love the Spirit with which your messages are given. God bless you, your family and congregation. No longer have cable but am watching either online or on Netflix. So happy TBN and their family of channels are there. I would be lost without you guys.

  5. I started listening to you as of last summer…your words are SO strong and compassionate! I listen every Saturday evening(Sundays broadcasting on TBN satellite). I devote Saturday evening(and my church) every week and and pray fervently every day. I have a brand new life Thanks Be to God. First of which, I had “lumbar infusion” of my entire back(Sept 2014). The first surgery went well but the second was pure agony. I remember lying in the hospital bed,,my sheets were soaken wet from crying. I lied in a fetal postion and the. pain was out of the world.. Pastor Jeff/Pastor Jeffery walked in at that moment(thank you Lord) Pastor Jeff immediately prayed for me and had his hand over me for the Holy Spirit to heal me. I immediately thought of Jesus Christ and the pain He had gone through on the cross. I never cried so much and poured out my soul to Him. I cried every sin I had committed and to forgive me. That evening, I slept in total peace. I remember feeling a tingling sensation going up and down my new spine, ever so gently. I then felt the heat which was so comforting. My prayers had been answered! I thanked the Lord immediatedly for healing me. My breath was labored. I didn’t want to get up as it felt so wonderful. I’ve shared this to many people and will continue.. A month later, I was home with a stabbing pain in my back. My husband,Tim was always by my side to help and pray for me. The heating pad helped. but not for long..Early the next morning, the pain returned. I prayed to God to comfort me as I wanted to live for my loving husband,family and friends. I had blood clots in each lung and water in one. Iung. . On December 5, 2014, I endured another surgery(rotary cup) which was very very painful once the block wore down. Tim called his family and mine to pray… 20 days later, I lost my husband from a heart attack/COD poisoning on Christmas Day 2014. It was agony all over again.. It was sudden and happened outside in the garage. My life changed dramatically(and both familes). The Lord has been guiding and preparing me for what’s to come.. I’m started a new beginning.of my life. God is with me ALWAYS.. My life is simple but at peace. . Thought I’d share this with yourself and Hanna. I’m so thankful to have you in my life as you/Hanna are so uplifting and speak to the heart. Thank you SO much and will continue to listen as you’re so inspiring to listen to!. I watched your late Grandfather, Robert as he was the same. Your choir sound just like angels!! God Bless you all! .

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