An Open Letter to All 2016 Presidential Candidates

Bobby Schuller

Bobby Schullerfrom Bobby Schuller

In less than a year, our nation will have a new leader. The new President of the United States will be sworn in, vowing to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” to the best of their ability. Since President Washington, this vow has been made with one hand on a Bible — a symbol of trust in God held by our nation’s leaders.

As we continue into the primary season, I have been reflecting on the level of stress, conviction and pressure that you, our 2016 presidential candidates, must be feeling. I also recognize that this is a time to turn to God, trust Him and ask Him for strength.  

Just like my grandfather, I recognize the commonality between all candidates — God loves you all. And, so do we. Regardless of political affiliation, stances on economic or social issues, religious beliefs, or any other divisive characteristic, I invite you to Shepherd’s Grove and the Hour of Power for a time of prayer and conversation. We would love to cover you and your campaign in prayer, asking God to work through you, give you strength and comfort, and show you love during this busy time.   

If you would like to visit Shepherd’s Grove for prayer, or if you would like to arrange an on-air interview on Hour of Power, please contact our press relations team at (714) 971-4034.

May God bless you!

Bobby Schuller

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  2. Bobby, I knew your grandpa and grandmother, been to Chyrs take Care real many times, your inter action with them are in my book of memories. My husband and I had dinner in Naples, fl, a very special time, I looked to the teachings of Dr. SCHULLER, made homespun things from Indiana for your Grandmother. I must tell you that you are doing great and I watch you every Sat night. Bobby you are talking to me now just like Grandpa, you can tell with the beginning of your service with Grandpa.
    God loves you
    And so do I,

    1. Our Father in Heaven, I come here is just for this time, I wish you glory your hallowed name yoursevels. John 12:27 and 12:28 as a gracious gift. plus Isaac 37:21 Lets build up a city on high mountain to worship our Lord Jesus Christ, Our God is our Savior.

      a 包布娃

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